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HVAC Systems for Accommodation

Teknotherm provides a number of solutions for air-conditioning and ventilation of accommodation areas. Capacities are designed to reflect the numbers of rooms and ensure pressure to prevent ingress of outside air, in order to provide healthy and comfortable indoor climate.
  • Single Duct Supply without reheating - Complete central treatment of air with room temperature controlled by a varying supply air volume.
  • Single Duct Supply with reheating - Main central treatment of air with constant air flow and room temperature controlled by room thermostats, and air terminals with electric re-heater.
  • Dual Duct Supply - Central treatment of the air. Room temperature control is provided by mixing of cold and warm air in the air terminals.
  • HVAC Control Systems - Teknotherm Marine HVAC offers a wide range of standardized control cabinets specially adapted to marine HVAC systems.

All control cabinets are designed and assembled by Teknotherm Marine HVAC, supplied tested and ready for operation. The cabinet components are well known and proven types DDC and PLC technology that are integrated in the control cabinets, contributing to reliable and cost effective operation of the HVAC system.

The control function for Teknotherm HVAC systems uses a standard communication interface and is fully automatic. Commonly used components simplify spare parts availability.